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Free tool that tracks every keystroke typed into a PC

Free tool that tracks every keystroke typed into a PC

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Program license: Free

Program by: PassRevelator

Version: 5.3

Works under: Windows


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Pass Keylogger is a free Windows software that lets users note all key strokes pressed on the computer. If you suspect malicious activity is occurring on your computer, this lightweight software provides you some peace of mind.

The program is also recommended for those that want to track their child's internet activity or messages. It can run in the background without hampering down the system or alerting the current user of the machine.

Compared to other key logging software, Pass Keylogger is simple to use and features a fluff-free user interface. No advanced systems knowledge is required to run, track, or disable the software at any time.

Users should be aware the Pass Keylogger should only be used on your own machine. It's not legal to use covertly on other's systems since it could violate privacy protection laws. Additionally, the program must be manually started in order to work and there is no ability to remotely control the software.